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-Edited Some Interiors stuff.



Today, I thought about the interiors Exit/Enter, Why there is something like that? It doesn't do anything and by the way it may cause game crash when someone try to exit his home by standing near the doors and his connection was bad, As it will take him to a very far location from his house and at the same time the exit function try to set the player position at his house, so they both together may cause crashing of the game, So, I removed it. It's useless and harmful. Also, Why we can't kill each other in interiors? what if someone hides in an open house and the another guy wants to kill him? He can't kill him. So, I removed this, You can lock your house and no one can enter it. These modifications made by  mememe




-Added new neon system.


Last week many people asked me to add a neon system. So, I added it. When you type /neon a dialog will pop up on your screen to choose in which colour do you want the neon, then you will choose it's place too, Front, Back, Right Side and Left Side! That's good about this system and what's not good about this system is that you cant remove the neon later. We were very busy to add this function too, we could only make the system and that's good, Dont try it if you want to remove it later. This system was added by  mememe



-Updated house control system.


We upgraded the house control. When you just stand in your house icon for 1-3 Seconds a Dialog will pop-up with controling of your house. That makes control easier, you don't need to type /sellh, /lockh, /unlockh and /enterh, Anymore! You will just choose what you want from the dialog. Keep in mind that every 1-3 Seconds it will be shown again. That will annoy you so you have to move away from your house or just enter it. Also, /enterh, /lockh, /unlockh and /sellh Commands are available not removed and you can use them but the controlling house menu is much better and faster. This system was updated by  mememe 



 -Updated house exit function.


As a lot of people got bored of the command /exith that you have to type and also don't use the doors. So, Today we have found the solution for that. We've updated that. when you enter your home you dont need to type /exith to leave your home any more! You have to just go to the doors and it will auto change your location to the house icon outside. by the way, the command /exith is not removed! I knew that some people like it. So, you can still type /exith but you dont need it, As you like! This system was updated by  mememe 



-Fixed some bugs.


From about a week many people started to tell me about the in-game bugs, So, I started to fix them too, Today i've fixed some. One of them is /skin whcih you have to type it twice, it's now back to normal. One of the bugs which was reported many times in-game by many users including  sheetos. So, the bug was that the gates can't be opened in many houses and public places, I've fixed this too. and many others bugs. These bugs were fixed by mememe 



- Removed Password recovery system:


So, We are sorry to announce that we've removed the password recovery system and that due to some unknown bugs in our gamemode (system). Well, We are doing our best to fix this problem as soon as possible, We won't take long time. This system is being fixed by mememe 



- Added new in-game password recovery:


Hello guys, We all knew that many people forget their passwords espically icarly and he is level 9 admin. He can't reset his account and start with new one, Why ? Because he will be level 0 and that's considerd as multi acc and he will be punished for that, He can't also make application for password recovery on forum because he doesn't have an account and he doesn't know how. So, Today we have found the solution for that, First, we are gonna delete Password Recovery Board on forum as it's useless now, when you register, After the password a new dialog should be shown and it's the Email Address dialog. Email address isn't the same one for Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo, etc, it's a new one, like when you sign up in yahoo, Gmail, Google +, etc. You will need a new Email such as Me8Me1Me23@yahoo.com. Don't tell anyone your MIM Email address as it's only used to recover password, so with it anyone can reset your password. after registeration, Login, the login Menu now has two buttons "Ok" , "Forgot?" just click on Forgot then enter your MIM email address and enter your new password. this system added by mememe 




-  AFK System updated:


As most of us knew that many people use /black to unfreeze themselves and it's considerd as abuse. Today we found the solution for that. /back command is removed. only /afk is available. Many people will say "Only /afk, how will we get unfrozen when we come back?". Simply use /afk to go afk and use /afk again when you come back but it won't work if you are already frozen by admin, etc. This system made and updated by mememe 






- Adding new group system:


As most of us knew that the gang system is bullshit. Here's the solution for that. I'm adding new system that would be good for the server. Adding command like /group and it will open a dialog with all information(Help) that you need about the system in-game. Also i'm thinking of making a new board on forum which people can apply in to have group. one group has a lot of amazing features. From the features, A base with command to get there and auto-change the colour of the one who will go and auto-change the skin too. three ranks, leader, co-leader, elder and member. for more info about ranks you have to use /group when we add the system. if you want someone to join your group you have to use the command (Explained in /group) and you also able to kick anyone in the group. and as a lot of people started to use group tags before their names in another servers like [MG] , [DG], etc. We're going to say bye to that as i will add auto-group tag add like the admin one: [Co-owner], [Trial-Mod], etc. it will be added after the name for example Me_Me_Me[Army] and if that one is admin then it won't change anything for example [The~Owner]Me_Me_Me[Army]. This system is being added by mememe



- Added Voting system:


A new voting system. it just a feature to make the owners be able to start a vote and a dialog will be displayed on all players screen with the vote question that the owner choosed. The Question will be displayed with two buttons , "Yes" and "No" For example "Should we add a new system?" , "Yes" , "No" and who accepts simply click on "Yes" , else simply click on "No". System was made by mememe 



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